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YOU be the DJ!

We were amazed at the number of comments the hold music on our phones received on a daily basis.
To be honest, the majority of them were negative because it was pretty terrible music, but it was a regular topic of conversation and it actually became funny how bad it was.

So offended by our music was one customer in fact that one day he dropped by our office with a CD of music he believed would improve the situation. So we used his CD and ever since nearly every phone call we take somebody mentions how awful the hold music is – the CD handed in by the customer was nothing else but Jazz.

So it got us thinking, why don’t we let “You Be The DJ!”

We will change our hold music weekly and you are in charge. That’s right, you are in charge. We are no longer taking responsibility for the standard of hold music!

You can either drop in a CD or request a playlist or album and we will find it to use.

We invite you our friends and customers to make your suggestions and we will pick a different DJ every week.

Each weeks winner will be announced on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

You can post your CD to:

Unit 2
56 Clydesmill Place
Cambuslang Investment Park
Glasgow, G32 8RF

Or email Stevie on with your musical requests.

Let the DJ battle commence!

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