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Training For The Future…


Recently there has been a lot of talk about the shortage of skilled labour in the roofing and cladding industry. Many industry experts and advisors have recognised; it has even made its way into mainstream press with regular focus on the construction sector skills gap. We have known about this for some time and we are aware of horror stories during construction projects as a result of this.

As a supplier, we constantly strive to get involved in our customers’ projects as early as possible. By understanding the scope of the job, the product applications and the timescales on the contract; experience has shown that we can assist in ensuring jobs are delivered more efficiently when we are involved from the outset.

We are happy to offer honest advice at the estimating stage to ensure correct material quantities are allowed for in the tender but our expertise really shine through at the Design and Procurement stage, when we try to help our clients avoid using products which are not fit for purpose but also trying to make sure the correct quantities go to site – enough to get the job done but also not too many that will lead to wastage or returns from site.


For the past 6 months at Regis we have been looking for solutions to not only help our customers but also help ourselves by increasing our knowledge and understanding of all roofing and cladding systems, including rainscreen cladding and gaining an understanding of all the various job roles within our customers organisations.

Our MD, Mike Saini explains: “We place a huge emphasis on building trust with our customers. As a commercial organisation, of course we aim to secure work and generate profits but we have an experienced team here who are also happy to offer advice whether an order follows or not. We take pride in the fact our customers will involve us early in a project, sometimes when they themselves haven’t secured an order. That trust isn’t lost on us.”


With all this in mind, we decided to train our new recruits and started the process this year using the Metal Cladding & Roofing Manufacturers Association, who are recognised for accurate information on good practice in the Roofing and Cladding Industry.

Working together with Carlton Jones from the MCMRA, our Sales Office Manager, Ross Mather, facilitated the 3 day course which  has trained up not only our own new members of staff, but also some of our customers new recruits. We invited new staff from Curtis Moore and McKay Roofing to attend the course along with our guys and the feedback from everyone who has attended has been very positive.

The content of the course includes:

You can find details of the course here and more information on best practice here.
Look out for more training and seminars to be held by Regis in the new year.

We are also delighted to be applying as a Member of the Association early in 2016 which will help us keep abreast of issues and developments within the industry.

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