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Stewart Miller represents Team Regis in the European Cycling Challenge

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Never one to sit still, our very own Stewart Miller is currently taking part in the European Cycling Challenge 2017!

What is it?

The European Cycling Challenge is the biggest urban cyclists’ team competition, which takes place every year throughout the month of May.

Individual cyclists from different companies join their City Team, tracking all their bike trips throughout the month and together compete to challenge other European city teams: the City that “rides” the longest total distance wins!

Stewart for Team Regis

Stewart is representing the Regis Roofing Supplies team cycling as much as he possibly can on his commute, on his lunch break, evenings and weekends. His distance cycled throughout the month will contribute to the Glasgow City Region teams total distance which will compete with other European cities.

You can track Stewart’s progress on the European Cycle Challenge website here.

We hope you will join us in wishing Stewart the very best of luck in his challenge! We will report back at the end of the month with the results!

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