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Stevie and Stewart’s Fundraising Recap


You may remember a few weeks ago we shared blogs about two members of our team, Stevie Gorman and Stewart Miller, doing their bit for charity when they each embarked on their fundraising efforts for their chosen cause. Stevie ran the Scottish Half Marathon in aid of the National Autistic Society and Stewart took part in the Pedal for Scotland event, raising money for the Children’s STV Appeal.

As their fundraising comes to a close this weekend, we wanted to share with you what they have achieved so far and to let anyone who has yet to sponsor know they have until Sunday to do so!

First up we have Stevie tell us all about his half marathon.


Not only did I smash my fundraising target for running the Scottish Half Marathon but I also had a cracking run.

My preparation could have been better but it’s just my luck to have had a friends 40th birthday party the night before my run!  My promise to myself of only having a few drinks soon disappeared and as I sank the 4th Gin & Tonic the thought of running the half marathon the next morning soon evaporated from my mind! Mind you that wasn’t nearly half as bad as my brother who also attended the same party as he sunk pints and vodka cokes, don’t worry, he was reminded of the challenge he faced in the morning.  So on the morning of the run the first challenge for my brother was getting himself out of bed!  Due to leave at 9.15am, I woke him with a call at 9.05am and his first request was for some painkillers to sooth the sore head from the hangover!

Challenge 2 was then making it from Glasgow to Edinburgh on time and infact we got to the start line as the starter counted down from 5,4,3,2,1…GO!  Not ideal preparation for the next 13 miles we were about to endure however we both managed to complete it; Robert in an amazing time for his ‘condition’ of 1hour 59minutes and myself in a time of 1hour 35mins 22secs which placed me 177th overall so to say we were both pleased is an understatement! The post run drinks went down a treat as we cheered on the rest of the runners from the side of the road.

A massive thanks to all who supported and donate in helping us raise over £2700 for the National Autistic Society!

You can help Stevie further smash his target through his JustGiving page here.

11230784_881289301946858_9100738201620951967_n   Stewart-Pedal

Up next we have Stewart on his Pedal for Scotland challenge.

Well! I made it. Round trip of 192km all in, from Glasgow to Edinburgh, and back again. My longest single ride. So far. Fixed gear bike. No brakes and it seemed to be all uphill and into the wind on the way back!

But loved every minute of it. Luckily, no punctures and glorious sunshine the whole day. The new route had some nice new hills thrown in, which can be every bit as hard getting up, as they are going back down when riding fixed and brakeless.

Around 7500 riders took part in the event and I’m sure a great day was had by all.

Unfortunately, the battery died on my phone before the end of the ride, so only managed to record 168km.

You can visit Stewarts Strava page here which shows the route and climb involved in this challenge.


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