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Rooflights and Domes

With the demand for low cost lighting, roofing durability and profile accuracy, Regis supply a variety of rooflights that can be shaped to fulfil every budget and requirement.  Our rooflights combine strength and impact resistance with high light transmission to offer high-performance roofing solutions.


Rooflights and Domes: The Benefits

Rooflights and domes are effectively windows in the roof of your building, which allows natural light into the property. They help cut your lighting bill whilst providing a great source of natural light throughout the day. Additionally, when placed centrally within a building, rooflights and domes can distribute light across the floor of your building to the same effect as a window on an exterior wall. Not only that, there are plenty of studies that show the benefits of well-lit office with plenty of natural light and its positive impact on personal well-being and an enjoyable working space.


Rooflights and Domes: The Products Supplied

At Regis, we supply many rooflight materials from suppliers including Astrofade Ltd., Brett Martin and Filon Products. Our suppliers have built a strong reputation as industry specialists in daylight solutions, some with more than 50 year’s experience. Whether you need roof lighting in the form of GRP site assembled rooflights or domed rooflights that combine creative design with high standards of manufacturing, Regis supply a wide range of rooflights in a choice of glazing materials designed to meet the daylight requirements of every roof type. In addition to our standard rooflight range, we also offer coloured direct replacement repair sheets that are formed to match old and obsolete roof profiles on existing buildings. Our experience and knowledge of roofing supplies means we will ensure you get the correct products for what you need. For more information, give us a call on 0141 641 2226.



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