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Regis 5-a-side Football Tournament 2017


Some of you may know that Team Regis decided to start the year with a health kick, now although we’re not exactly sticking to the salads for lunch every day, we are determined to get fitter!

So, with that in mind and because we’re always looking to introduce a bit of fun and excitement to the roofing & cladding industry Regis have decided to host a five-a-side tournament this summer.

We have played against some contractors in recent years with a team made up of office and warehouse staff, we even managed to embarrass a few and they embarrassed us in return, but more importantly we both had a right good laugh in the process!

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The tournament will take place on a Saturday in either June or July and we are looking for teams from all sectors of the industry to take part.  The day will consist of the 5-a-side tournament followed by beers and a chance for people to get to know one another.

So, if you’re a contractor or a supplier within the industry please get in touch to let us know you are interested in submitting a team and from there we will keep you updated on the organising of the event.

Please share this blog to spread the word throughout the industry to help get as many teams signed up to make this a fun-filled day for everyone!

We look forward to hearing from as many of you as possible.

Call or email Stevie Gorman on 0141 641 2226 or

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