Support Bar System

Support Bar Systems

What do your support bars do?

Support bars are essential to any metal roofing or cladding system. They’re used to separate the outer skin from the internal liner sheet. This stops the low-density insulation from being damaged and allows your construction to accommodate almost any depth of insulation. They help the thermal efficiency of the roof or wall and also help the stability of a building. They support the outer sheet and transfer external loads to the structural elements of the building or roof.

The choice you need

We stock the Ashgrid and the Quattro support bar systems. When you combine these with other products from the Regis range our systems offer the potential for increased construction depths. They offer the stable performance required for modern metal construction and are compatible across the majority of metal building applications.

Efficiency to meet modern regulations

The latest building regulations mean that support bars are even more critical to the efficiency and stability of a metal roofing or cladding system. These new regulations mean that insulation depths have to increase to meet desired U-values. Traditional supports may struggle to meet these increased depths of insulation and could become unstable when dynamic loads are applied to the roof.

Other benefits

  • Added energy economy and heat retention
  • Our systems can accommodate insulation up to 400mm thick
  • The single component bracket is extremely strong and stable
Both Ashgrid & Quattro are manufactured to ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems
  • Brackets available in a range of heights
  • Our systems can be used in roof and wall construction
Ashgrid and Quattro are CE-Marked
  • We offer full technical backup
  • Protection against noise

Features the system delivers

  • Fast, cost-effective fixing
  • Strong, simple assembly
  • Bar end spigot for easy alignment
  • Reinforced fixing zone for greater fastener security
  • Strong support with up to 1.0m fixing centres for brackets
  • Works with both roof and wall panels
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