Rooflights allow high-quality daylight into buildings to improve the working conditions within. They reduce the need for artificial light, save energy and reduce the carbon footprint of the building. Rooflights create a more enjoyable working space and they’re great for the environment.

Flexible applications

Our rooflights are designed to be used in rooflight and sidelight applications. They combine strength and impact resistance with high light transmission to offer high-performance roofing solutions.

A range of solutions

GRP translucent rooflights are available in a wide variety of profiles. Our manufacture process includes UV light stabilisers to prevent discolouring and provide diffused natural daylight.

  • GRP site assembled rooflights
  • Factory assembled insulated rooflights
  • Available to suit any sheet profile
  • Can be supplied in various GRP thicknesses including Supasafe
  • Domed rooflights for flat roof applications
  • Manufactured to conform to all the latest UK building, quality and safety legislation

In addition to our standard rooflight range, we also offer Coloured Direct Replacement (Filon DR) Repair Sheets. These are formed to match old and obsolete roof profiles on existing buildings.

Other benefits

  • A wide (and growing) profile range
  • GRP and polycarbonate material options
  • On-site assembly available
  • Performance options include non-fragility, fire ratings and U-values
  • Skilled team to guide you through what you need
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