Insulation & Membranes

Insulation & Membranes

Choose from breathable damp-proof membranes, insulation boards, loft insulation, cavity-wall insulation, cladding, underlay, pipe lagging and jackets. And our staff are there to help you find the right product for whatever it is you’re doing.

Benefits of durable membranes

  • Exceptional moisture management properties
  • Optimum UV, wind and moisture protection, during and after construction
  • Can be left uncovered for up to four months without affecting performance and warranty
  • Enhances the airtightness of constructions
  • Lightweight, flexible and easy to install
  • Retains full performance when exposed to high UV and heat levels
  • Guaranteed long-term performance

How vapour control layers work

A vapour control layer (VCL) protects your building from effects of condensation. These effects can cause big problems if they’re not addressed. Condensation is formed when moist, warm air rises and then condenses into a liquid when it comes into contact with colder surfaces above your insulation. So a VCL is installed on the room-side of the insulation, so it stops moist, warm air from entering the structure.

Our range

We offer knowledgeable staff who can help you get exactly what you need and we can delivery across the country.

  • Glasswool Insulation Quilt
  • Rockwool Slab & Cladding Roll
  • Kingspan PIR Rigid Insulation Board (alternatives available)
  • Roofshield Slate & Tile Underlay
  • Procheck Vapour Control Layer
  • Cladshield Breather Membrane
  • Tyvek UV Façade Rainscreen Membrane

Our continuous investment in stock means we now offer the full range of Proctor and Tyvek products – please contact us for further details.


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