Colour Match Silicone

Coloured Silicone

Silirub is a low modulus neautral cure elastic silicone. It contains a powerful anti-fungal agent to restrict the growth of mould. It’s virtually odourless and has a very fast skinning time and final cure. It’s thick bodied for ease of use and is solvent free – which means no shrinkage during curing. It also offers primerless adhesion on all standard construction materials, including glass, metals, wood, plastics and masonry substrates. It’s flexible and resistant to rain, snow, many chemicals and temperature fluctuations.

We can colour match any RAL colour based on a minimum quantity of only 60 tubes.

Uses for coloured silicone sealant

Silirub is a versatile coloured sealant that is ideal for most jobs:

  • All building and construction joints that require a colour matched sealant
  • Glazing works on powder coated aluminium, PVC, painted wood
  • Sealing between painted wood, PVC, powder coated aluminium, brickwork, concrete, etc.
  • Joints with high movement between different building materials

Why you should use Silirub coloured silicone

This is a fantastic product, refined over years to offer the best solution for your silicone sealant needs. It’s designed to match the RAL colour system. It offers a number of advantages:

  • Very easy application
  • Permanent Colour
  • UV Resistant
  • Stays permanently elastic after curing
  • Very good adhesion on many materials
  • Low modulus
  • High gloss finish
  • Available in a wide range of RAL colour systems

Directions for use

  • For use with a caulking gun
  • Application temperature: +5°C to +35°C
  • Clean any excess with white spirit immediately after use
  • Finish it with soapy water before skinning
  • Any repairs required can be carried out using Silirub Colour

Stock Colours

We stock the following colours, available in boxes of 15 x 310ml tubes.

RAL 7035 (Goosewing/Oyster)
RAL 9006 (Silver)
RAL 9007 (Dark Silver)
RAL 7016 (Anthracite)
RAL 7012 Slate Grey)
BS 00E53 (Black)
BS 00E55 (White)
BS 08B29 (Vandyke Brown)
BS 12B27 (Olive Green)
BS 12B29 (Juniper Green)

Technical info

  • Base: Polysiloxane
  • Consistency: Stable paste
  • Curing system: Moisture cure
  • Skinning time: ca 5 minutes (20ºC/65 R.H)
  • Curing time: ca 2mm/24 Hours (20ºC/65 % R.H)
  • Hardness: 22+-5 Shore A
  • Shrinkage: None
  • Specific gravity: ca 1.03
  • Temperature resistance: -60ºC up to +180ºC
  • Elastical recovery: >80%
  • Elongation at break: 800% (DIN53504)
  • Elasticity modulus 100%: 0.33 N/mm² (DIN53504)
  • Maximum deformation: 25% +/- (Overall movement 50%)
  • Maximum tension: 1.20 N/mm² (DIN53504)
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