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Product Blog: Alumasc Harmer Outlets


Contemporary design has brought with it a rise in flat roofed buildings that all require robust drainage solutions, therefore we have decided to focus this blog on the leading Alumasc Harmer Outlet drainage systems which are available from Regis.

Solutions that perform

At Regis, we’re proud to offer a range of options suitable for all standard flat roof drainage applications. Harmer is the leading name associated with flat roof water drainage with over 40 years’ experience in the industry.  Alumasc ensures a premium standard of specificity and product installation. The Alumasc Harmer Outlets range combines innovative engineering and high performance materials to create long-lasting results.

The demand for drainage systems for flat roofs is on the up. In the past, pitched roofing was favored over flat roofing. Now, due to advances in technology, materials and building design, it is becoming increasingly popular. At Regis we believe that the Alumasc Harmer Outlets range has a solution for every project.

For internal or rainwater drainage, Harmer systems provide a total solution from roof outlet to below-ground drainage, to ensure optimum efficiency from a system that works together with ease.


Premium product range

The Alumasc Harmer Outlets range includes the Harmer AV, Harmer Detail, Harmer Cast Iron and Harmer Insulated. This high level of product specification means that Regis is able to tailor the perfect product for your project. The products are made of lightweight, non-corrosive and highly durable materials and are suitable for internal or rainwater drainage. The Alumasc Harmer Outlets range provides a total solution to any given flat roofing project.

For innovative, class-leading systems that cover the whole spectrum of drainage, you can rely on Regis to provide the products you need, on time and on budget. Our entire offering consists of premium, fully-certified products, give our team a call on 0141 641 2226 and we’ll help you find the solution that suits your requirements.

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