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New Product: TRUMPF TruTool TPC 165


Further to our introduction to our partnership with Trumpf let us introduce you to the new TruTool TPC 165 Panel Cutter, you can separate polyurethane and polyisocyanurate composite panels up to a thickness of 165 mm in one operation, regardless of whether the panel surface is flat, trapezoidal or corrugated.


The machine can handle diverse applications, ranging from crosscuts and right-angle cuts to interior cutouts and notches. Even cutouts on pre-mounted panels are easy work for the new panel cutter. Cutting on panels where one side of the sheet can remain uncut can also be easily performed using the TruTool TPC 165.

Unique: the immersion mechanism

With a 90 degree adjustable blade, you can easily and quickly produce right-angle cutouts. Another plus: as a result of its immersion mechanism, you can start at any location on the panel without a starting drill hole. This enables you to easily produce accurately dimensioned interior cutouts – even on mounted panels. And all this can be done in one operation, without finishing work and at a working speed of four meters per minute. The slide bars attached to the bottom of the support table also provide excellent machine guidance and reduce scratching on the sheet metal surface.


Very simply: perfect cuts

The provided lever allows you to loosen the blade and adjust it to the desired position. With the blade fixture, as well as the 13 possible positions, you can easily select the cutting depth. Easy-to-see guide marks facilitate precise cuts along the entire cutting line with a consistent and precise cutting depth.

Simple tool exchange

To replace the chain and blade easily and quickly, remove the protective cover, lift out the saw chain with blade from the chain wheel and insert a new saw chain. Practical details: The combination key needed for this is in a handy spot in the machine.


Guide rails

The guide rail is ideal for precise, straight cuts and makes the machine easy to control, regardless of the sandwich panel’s surface material and even if the spacing between the individual segments is very large. A connecting piece links several guide rails together. Using guide rails prevents scratches on the surface of the sheet metal.


We are planning on having a demonstration day with the local Trumpf representative visiting our warehouse in Glasgow where we will be delighted to show off the tool and answer any questions you may have. This will be on the 12th of October and if you’re interested in coming along please give us a call to let us know.

For a free quote or to find out more call 01416412226!

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