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Hearts Tynecastle with APS Developments


We are delighted to have been involved with supplying the stainless steel decking fasteners to APS Developments for the demolition and upgrade project of the main stand at Tynecastle stadium for Heart of Midlothian Football Club.


The club’s existing main stand had been partially demolished to make way for the upgrade, which has seen the stadium transform into a 20,000-plus capacity stadium which they hoped to have ready in time for the 2017-18 season.

Club owner and chair Ann Budge stated:


“In short, things continue to be managed very tightly and everything is still going to plan.”


Now this is clearly an old statement from Ann Budge as we know the contract his slipped!  However APS continue to meet the time frame they have for the contract and will be finished on site by mid November 2017.


Not only did we manage to secure the decking fastener order we were fortunate enough to supply the powder coated stainless steel coloured fixings for the roof and the GRP roof light requirements for the whole stand.


Our MD says “we have been fortunate enough to have supplied many major sporting venues in the past including Liverpools Anfield stadium, Manchester City’s, Etihad, Manchester United’s, Old Trafford and Twickenham, but with the order for the rooflights coming to us it will be great attending games at the stadium knowing we have played a big part in its development”.


Adding 3,000 seats to the current capacity, the column design will include two big screens and entertainment suites. The three existing stands will also be given an upgrade including improved toilet and kiosk facilities.

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