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From business to personal: The tale of two companies

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At Regis we are proud of our friendly and personal approach, and our team frequently go above and beyond to exceed our customer’s expectations. We try to build lasting relationships, and our bond with Fowler McKenzie is one that we value.

We have worked with the people in Fowler McKenzie, a cladding specialist company based in Aberdeen, for nearly 30 years across numerous projects. Phil McKenzie, Managing Director at the firm, has supported our business and built a personal friendship with our Director, Mike Saini.

Phil receives many sponsorship requests, and as kind hearted as he is, unfortunately cannot accommodate each and every one. However, Phil was impressed when he received a hand-written sponsorship letter from Aisha. He admits that the company does not receive many hand-written letters in this digital age, so this one particular stood out and grabbed his attention.

Aisha has been playing hockey for 7 years and is part of the Scotland Women’s U16 Hockey Squad, playing mid-field and defence. The team recently played Wales and have upcoming matches in Northern Ireland and Holland. Aisha required individual sponsorship for her sport and in a bid to raise funds wrote a heart-warming sponsorship request letter to Phil. He appreciated the thought that went into it and decided to write a cheque to sponsor Aisha.

Phil said, “To get something handwritten someone has taken the time and effort to think about what they are putting down in print is fantastic, we were obviously delighted to give the little bit of sponsorship we did to Aisha, and to Scottish Hockey in particular. I’m sure she will do herself, her family and her country proud.”

Aisha was over to the moon to receive a cheque from Phil, and is looking forward to her upcoming matches with the U16 Women’s Scottish Hockey Squad.

This story is just one example of how Regis have created many personal and lasting friendships, that go above and beyond the excellent service we provide as a business.

You can watch the video here.

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