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Featured Product – Wraptite External Membrane


Airtightness in a building is everything, so Regis offer products which solve the problem of achieving this, in an effective and reliable solution. Our featured Wraptite-SA External Membrane does just that, and helps meet modern efficiency requirements to boot.

This unique self adhesive air barrier membrane, supplied by The A. Proctor Group, has been designed with a fresh approach, saving contractors in terms of both labour and material costs. This innovative design moves the air barrier to the outside of the building rather than the inside. By doing this, there are fewer potential penetrations, and less need for any specialist components like airtight junction boxes. The product can be used on both residential and commercial buildings, making it a versatile choice for a range of different contractors.

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The Wraptite-SA membrane consists of a three layer polypropylene microporous film laminate, with a moisture vapour-permeable adhesive and a silicone coated PET release liner. The nature of its composition means it can be used in a variety of wall and pitched roof applications, including under metal, slate, tile, wood or clay tile.

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The main benefits of using Wraptite-SA is the simplicity of the system. This reduces workload and costs, as it’s quicker and easier to install, and also reduces the likelihood of any further remedial work. With no need for a primer, and the ability to install it at temperatures as low as 0 degrees, it’s a durable solution for UK buildings. From a construction point of view, the simplified process also makes the process of passing an air tightness test more streamlined.

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For a product designed with efficiency in mind, reducing your workload whilst offering a lasting solution to your client, Wraptite is the ideal airtightness solution. Wraptite products are available from stock at Regis, call us on 0141 641 2226 to find out more.

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