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Featured Product – Leister Uniroof AT/ST

The importance of efficiency in the construction industry is particularly relevant, in terms of the products used to complete jobs of any scale. At Regis, we offer products, which cater to this, offering a convenient and reliable solution.

This month the featured product is the Leister UNIROOF AT/ST roof welder. With its slim design and movable transport axle, it is versatile, easy to maintain and efficient for welding thermoplastic roofing membranes on flat or pitched roofs up to 30°.


Some key benefits include:

  • No more time consuming converting
  • Provide ergonomic handling thanks to steering bar and handle
  • Constant leak proof results
  • Functional control panel
  • Easy to operate

Seamless design

Header_Leister_UNIROOF_ATST_RoofingThe Leister UNIROOF AT roof welder is seamlessly designed to provide constant efficiency and convenience, with a built-in handle and steering bar, for easy transportation to any job.  With its slim design you can effortlessly weld close to the edge (to 100mm) at the parapet or on the parapet and as easily in narrow circumstances.

Further features include closed-loop technology, for the drive motor, temperature and air blower, maintaining a constant level for the welding parameters.

Function control panel

A fully functional control panel on the UNIROOF AT ensures the constant efficiency of your work, with programmable welding profiles for common procedures.

Unknown-2The product can be easily controlled with a low maintenance pressure wheel, providing increased welding speed even in areas which are narrow and difficult to access.

Overall, the Leister UNIROOF roof welder is the ideal contribution to any single-ply roofing project, providing an effortless and reliable service.

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