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Featured Product: CT1 Silicone Adhesive: “The Snag List Eliminator”


With two years of scientific development and refining behind it, CT1 Silicone Adhesive is the next level of silicone construction bonding. Whether carrying out a repair or bonding at the construction stage, CT1 Silicon Adhesive is the perfect solution for any roofing job.

Quality and Benefits

Unlike most conventional sealers, CT1 is guaranteed to never sag, shrink or crack, making for a much more accurate application first time.

It is a unique hybrid polymer with no solvents in its chemical makeup. CT1 is deigned to be odourless, thus making it far safer and easier to use when working in smaller, confined spaces.

CT1 can be painted over with any kind of paint, even two component products. One huge advantage that CT1 has compared to other competing products is that it is able to bond to wet surfaces as well as being able uniquely seal, bond and finish under water, making it usable in all kinds of weather conditions.

Ultimate Multi-task Product

This remarkable sealant is strong and versatile enough to successfully bond with virtually any material including stone, glass, mirrors, wood, polystyrene and metals (even lead) and will provide instant repair and bonding with fibre glass and carbon fibre materials. Food safe and the most environmentally-friendly product of its type available, CT1 is UV resistant, prevents fungal growth and will is strongly resistant against vibrations and a wide range of temperatures making it perfect for roofs and exteriors.

The “ultimate multi-task product”, easy to use with immediate results, CT1 is perfect for everything from installations to emergency repairs. Particularly helpful for a quick fix to leaking pipes and gutters, CT1’s speed allows cost savings in both time and labour.

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