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Featured Product – Brett Martin Gutter Systems


When it comes to guttering, it’s all about catering to capacity whilst fitting with the style of the building. In that respect, our Brett Martin gutter systems are ideal.

Brett Martin offer a high quality product which comes in various specifications in order to meet the requirements of your building over a lasting period of time. Their high gloss UV protected gutter and downpipes not only look better, they last longer than products manufactured from other materials. This is backed up by the testing carried out on the product, with each type of guttering meeting the correct BE and BS standards as applicable.


Range of Styles

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 15.41.29The guttering systems offered come in a range of styles, with pro-style, round-style, square-style, deep-style and high capacity to choose from. These are mainly self-explanatory, with round-style gutter and fittings forming a round shape, with square-style taking on its respective square shape. Pro-style has a layered ‘ogee’ profiled system which works well with more contemporary products.

Both deep-style and high capacity guttering and fittings are tailored towards industrial buildings with wider capacity pipes, as the name suggests. Deep style is a high performance system, designed to offer increased capacity which would be used in a commercial setting such as a factory or warehouse. The design itself incorporates innovative CLIP & SEAL technology, meaning it is easy to install and offers lasting reliability.

The innovative Cascade Cast Iron range uses a unique patented manufacturing process which combines original cast ironing detailing on pipework, fittings to give the full appearance of cast iron with all the benefits of a modern plastic product. This allows the architect to achieve their architectural vision without compromising the requirements of today’s fast paced construction contracts.



Deepstyle 170 MainThe High capacity products are as you would expect, for a high volume of water. The guttering and fittings come in the highest diameter in order to cope with this, by utilising 110mm, 160mm and 200mm round downpipe and fittings. This is much larger than say the Pro-style system which uses 65mm square downpipe and fittings.

For a quality guttering and downpipe product to exceed expectation, our Brett Martin gutters and fittings are the products to choose. Available in a variety of designs, colours and capacities to meet the requirements of just about any building, you’ll have no trouble finding a reliable guttering product that lasts.

The Cascade system is available from stock at Regis whilst we are the main distributors for other styles which can be supplied to order, call us on 0141 641 2226 to find out more.


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