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Dubai Investment Park with FK Construction


While the majority of the projects we supply take place here in the UK, from time to time our services are also requested abroad. The latest international project the Regis team were involved in was in Dubai, where we supplied fasteners to FK Construction who were working at a new distribution centre in Dubai Investment Park.

Owned by Chef Middle East, a leading regional supplier of quality foods to the hotel, dining and airline industries, the AED 75 million world-class distribution centre covers 10,000 sq. metres and is the first of its kind for the food industry in the region. It’s a state of the art facility, offering a fully integrated, technology enabled logistics centre which allows Chef Middle East to offer an efficient end-to-end cold chain solution.


Designed by McLaren Construction, the new distribution centre is triple the size of the previous centre and can accommodate up to 8000 pallets of chilled and frozen food across 7000 sq. metres of temperature-controlled storage areas. Features include voice-pick technology, fleet GPS and a world-class culinary innovation centre, along with an open plan development kitchen.

Chef Middle East offers over 4000 global leading food products with a combination of premium quality ingredients for its rapidly growing regional client base within the region’s culinary community. The company operates a fleet of 50 multi-temperature distribution vehicles.


Steve Pyle, Chief Executive Officer, Chef Middle East: “This ground-breaking facility is custom-designed by foodservice distribution professionals and incorporates design and technology which will enable us to provide exceptional services and a better customer experience across our value chain. It will optimise our operational efficiency and enable us to offer our discerning customers the freshest, top quality ingredients.”

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