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Challenges of the Trade in Winter


Although each year our British winters are becoming less snow-filled, they are getting colder later on in the season. For example, this winter it was unseasonably mild for December, but now in January, the temperature has plummeted, causing frozen grounds and cold winds. These are elements that can be a nightmare for us in the construction industry and the cost implication of these can be heavily felt by contractors.image001

The productivity of the workers is one of the things that contractors have to grapple with during winter. In some instances, the level of productivity can drop by up to 50%, which is a serious challenge to deal with. It can become incredibly difficult for workers to perform their task to their usual standard when they are faced with hard frost. If the frost penetrates the roadways and other critical areas where construction work is to take place, the employees could find harder doing utility works.

In some parts of the UK, frost can get up to 5 feet underground and if it’s to be dug, specialised equipment may be required. In some instances, there may be need to blast. Nevertheless, in extreme cold conditions, important building equipment may take longer than usual to heat up and in this trade time is money.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 11.27.52Also, concrete that’s used for hydration should be heated to certain temperatures. The water as well as the aggregates will need to be heated. It takes a lot of fuel to get the water or the concrete to the right temperature level. This means that you will need to have an extra facility which you will use when giving the building materials enough time to thaw.

SqueegeeConstruction work during winter can require more investment in health and safety equipment. With the icy weather there is a higher risk of workers slipping and falling. Another thing to consider, although this is not specific to the construction industry, is of course the dreaded cold & flu sickness bug which is inevitable to reach at least a handful of staff which could result in time off.

In summary there are many great challenges including the weather that our industry faces at this time of the year.  Regis adapts its product range to suit these challenges and offer from stock the following products, rock-salt, roof squeegee and snow shovels.  Through our network of trusted suppliers if it is not something we carry in stock inevitably it will be something that we can provide, give us a call and put us to the test!

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