To date, we have sold over 260 000m2 of insulation. Enough to cover every football pitch in the Premiership & La Liga!

2016: A Year in Numbers


Looking back on 2016, we have had been involved with many exciting projects over the year.

To name a few, we have been working with Fowler McKenzie to supply Kalzip roof fasteners for a complex needs school in Aberdeen, supplying Curtis Moore for Brodick Ferry Terminal in Arran and supplying Weather Protection Services for the new National Theatre of Scotland Headquarters in Glasgow. Regis have covered many areas of the UK and further afield this year and we are excited to see what new projects 2017 will bring!

Not to forget we had the pleasure of welcoming one new staff member to the team, Michael Breen, to further contribute to the levels of service our customers have come to expect.

Reflecting on the successes of 2016, here is our Regis Year in Numbers, please note, all puns are intended!

6,000,000 + – The whopping amount of Kalzip fasteners sold. Sales figures have gone through the roof!


100,000 + – The amount of insulation products sold by m2 a figure that also makes us feel warm inside. Our continuous investment in stock means we now offer the full range of Proctor and Tyvek insulation products and we aim to smash last year’s sales in 2017.

5000 +  – The number of products now on our database with access to many more. We are thrilled to be continually growing our product base and variety for our customers.

730 –  The number of bad one liners told by Ross this year. Someone should have stopped him at one!

457 – Total number of hours Stewart has been riding his bike! Not all at once mind you, but another fantastic effort this year. Let’s see what new crazy challenges Stewart will take part in this year, maybe the Tour de France?


388 – Is the combined age of the Regis Team ranging from 21-62!

288 – The amount of elastic bands added to Stevie’s ball, now totaling 1044! Into the thousands now, it’s getting serious…


105 –  The approximate number of tonnes of fasteners and sealants delivered direct from our stores to sites this year, this doesn’t include sheeting and insulation products! We have been in tons of places around Britain this year with many more to come in 2017.

22 – The total number of miles Stevie Gorman has run this year. That’s 96 meters a day, what an achievement!

1 – Once again, at the top of any numbers list is OUR customers. We cannot thank you enough for your custom in 2016 and we look forward to see what 2017 brings for us all.

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